About Us

Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos present a stunning collection of metallic transfer tattoos - a brand new and innovative addition to your jewellery box.

Whether you’re a fashion fanatic or just enjoy toying with different styles for fun, these jewellery tattoos will have you customising your look and creating fabulous new ones in an instant!

Because there are so many gorgeous possibilities within each of our carefully selected collections you will never have to wear the same piece in the same way. The versatility of these Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos makes them the perfect accessory for any occasion. Wear them on nights out, festivals, parties, at the beach, around the pool or even just shopping with friends; the options really are endless!

Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos are non-toxic, safe for all to use and extremely easy to wear. Simply apply to your chosen area using a damp cloth, wait 30 seconds and admire! These beautiful accessories are totally waterproof and can be expected to last up to 5 days so you will have no trouble showering or swimming whilst you have them on. When you are ready to change your look you can easily remove your metallic tattoo by gently scrubbing the area of skin with baby oil or rubbing alcohol. So have fun, get creative and share with friends!


B O H O... Because Originality Has Options