A Look Back At 2015's Top Tats! January 05, 2016 14:48

It's a new year and we can't wait for all of the festivals, holidays and other exciting events of 2016! Before we get too carried away, we wanted to look back at some of our favourite jewellery tattoo applications that our gorgeous customers came up with last year!

We love it when you tag us in your photos so that we can share your Bohemian Tattoo ideas with our thousands of other followers seeking inspiration. These are just a few customer creations that we were crushing over in 2015:

This simple chest piece from our Rihanna collection has been paired with an aztec arm band that stands out on the skin with its black, silver and gold colouring. Of course, the main feature of this photo is how absolutely stunning @sssnnmx looks with her gorgeously wild hair and bright red lip!

@sufiyeh has also fallen for our Rihanna collection due to its abundance of geometic designs. These two triangle pieces fit perfectly on the wrist and will add a subtle shimmer to any outfit.

@thinklikekandie has been one of our absolute favourite style crushes this year. We love how she incorporates our transfer tats into her outfits to enhance certain features. An example of this can be seen above where a piece from our Esmeralda collection has been paired with this low-cut dress.

Could we feel any more jealous of somebody's hand? @lailaloves has us all eager to tan, tattoo and drastically improve our ring collections! This Alannia transfer tat looks incredible amidst a variety of jewellery and is finished off perfectly with a white manicure - a stunning style idea during those long summer days. 

We adore how this spiritual symbol from our Chakra collection sits central to an open-back dress and shimmers in the sunlight. @indiaward's sun-kissed skin and beachy waves make us desperate for a sandy beach, a sunset and a cocktail or two! 

There are so many other Bohemian Tattoo images to discover, so if you aren't already, please follow us on Instagram (@bohemiantats) and remember to tag us in your tattoo pics of 2016! 

Written by Becky Howard