Still Wondering What to Wear This Halloween? October 28, 2015 10:40

Halloween is less than a week away and yet for many of us, the mystery of what to wear is still very much unsolved. If you're still in need of inspiration then keep reading for some quick and easy ideas on how to use our jewellery tats this weekend! ...


No evil snow queen or corpse bride would be complete without a few of our white jewellery tattoos. Choose from one of our single sheets such as Angelina (includes snowflakes, intricate statement pieces and longer bands) or have a larger selection with our all-white Sofia collection - perfect for sharing with friends! Don't forget to add some eye make-up and spooky contact lenses to complete your look.


If white is not quite right for you then how about some leopard print? Our Martha collection includes plenty of temporary tats that we think would finish off your Halloween look just beautifully.

With a huge variety of collections and single sheets to choose from, there's no excuse not to go all out this weekend. Visit our online store and find your perfect jewellery tat today!

Written by Becky Howard