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At the Top Drawer trade show in September we were located next to a first timer that had some interesting pieces on display. The delicate, simplistic and striking items of jewellery that Jordanne Cliffe was exhibiting really drew us in and made us intrigued to find out more about the story behind her passion for jewellery design. It's always great to learn about new exhibitors and how they are finding their first trade show experience; after all, it was only at the beginning of this year that we were newbies ourselves! 

Jordanne is a Contemporary Jewellery Designer that graduated in 3D Material Practice from Brighton University in 2011. Now based in SW London, she makes and sells her work from Redlees studio in Isleworth. "I started to become interested in Jewellery design when I was studying my Art foundation course at Wimbledon" she explained in a chat with us after the show. "I wanted to use my creativity and learn a skilled based discipline". It was only after Jordanne graduated and gained a studio space at Redless Studios that starting her own business became an exciting possibility. 

Finding the inspiration to begin your first collection can often be difficult, but for Jordanne, that collection holds particular significance: "A close friend of mine at Brighton University, Becki Cobb, survived a stroke in February 2011 and was left paralysed on the left side of her body" she explained. "Initially, she couldn't move her left arm and leg. She was unable to walk, sit up in bed or even smile. I had no idea that strokes can happen to young people. This is when I became aware of the Different strokes charity, an organisation that gave Becki a lot of support. I wanted to give Becki something as a reminder of how far she'd come since her stroke and also to say what a superstar I think she is." The Superstar necklace Jordanne designed quickly developed from a personal gift to a way of raising awareness of strokes in young people. A percentage of the profits made from her Superstar range helps to the support the Different Strokes charity.

As Jordanne is still so new to the world of trade shows, we were interested in learning about her plans for the future and how she was hoping to expand her start-up business: "At the beginning of the year, I started to think about how I can get my business to grow. I decided that a trade fair was a good way to network and to get my work stocked in shops and galleries across the UK. I will continue to do different trade fairs in the future and next year I will be taking part in the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate. This trade fair is designed exclusively for British makers and will be very different to the Top Drawer trade fair I recently took part in."

After admiring Jordanne's simplistic and elegant creations both online and at Top Drawer, we wanted to know more about her chosen style of jewellery design: "My work has evolved over time. It all stared with my superstar range and that simple and open form was something I continued to develop. My latest range ‘Touch of Gold’ introduces new elements - rose gold details and oxidised silver add a different dimension to each piece."

We hope to see Jordanne Cliffe at plenty more events in the future and urge you to check out her designs at: 

Written by Becky Howard