Virgin Media Collaboration September 21, 2015 14:33


As you all must know by now, last month we headed up to Chelmsford to decorate the skin of V Festival goers with our stunning transfer tattoos! As the weather hit 29 degrees on the Saturday afternoon the crowds were shimmering with our metallic accessories. Amongst the many gorgeous applications there were a few designs that you will not have seen before; a gorgeous mix of red, blue and gold.

We teamed up with Virgin Media to bring you a unique tattoo sheet celebrating the company that had made the entire weekend possible. This exclusive product was a massive hit with the festival goers, especially in the Louder Lounge where invited guests queued up outside our beauty lounge to try out our jewellery tattoos and to get their hands on a free sample of our Virgin Media collection! 


We love collaborating with companies as excited about the transfer tattoo trend as we are and are always looking to bring you unique and beautiful designs so keep following us on social media (@bohemiantats) to learn all about our newest products as soon as they are released!

Written by Rebecca Howard