Your Festival Favourites August 12, 2015 14:37

We are definitely in the midst of festival season and it seems that every weekend there is a different music event and a whole new batch of photographs plastered all over our social media feeds. Festivals give you the opportunity to make the most of your summer wardrobe and have some fun with colourful playsuits, flowing palazzo pants and tiny crop tops. No festival outfit is complete without some accessories to finish it off so remember your satchels and your sunnies but most importantly (OF COURSE), don't forget to pack your Bohemian Tattoos!

These boho babes have perfected their festival fashion by styling that essential pair of shorts with an oversized top and casual shoes. @riannanaomi on Instagram ( top left) opted for bright colours and bold Rihanna Tats whilst the lovely lady on the right is giving off an effortlessly cool vibe by going all black but throwing on some Alexandra jewellery tats and a pair of shades to glam things up a bit.


Big statement pieces are a popular choice for festivals and our Rihanna collection provides a gorgeous mixture of Egyptian designs and geometric patterns that would look absolutely stunning shimmering in a sea of people on a sunny day. There is no such thing as too many jewellery tats when it comes to summer styling so why not create your own unique accessory by linking a few pieces together?


Headbands and other face tats are the ideal festival accessory and you wont even have to worry about them washing off as all of our collections are waterproof. A sky blue headband from our Alexandra Aqua collection or a delicate design from the gypsy-chic inspired Esmeralda range is all you need to still look striking even when your rain mac is covering up everything below your neck!


Festivals give you the chance to go all out so don't be afraid to get creative by combining your metallic tats with a bold lip, an interesting hair style or a few bright pieces of jewellery - the more eye-catching the better. (Top left photo provided by Instagram's @seezeesizwe)

Have fun at the final few events of the summer season and remember to shine bright whilst you still have plenty of sunkissed skin on show... autumn is almost here!!


Written by Becky Howard