Introducing the Sofia Collection July 28, 2015 14:30

At Bohemian Tattoo HQ we are always searching for new ideas and striking designs that will keep our customers looking gorgeous and feeling creative all year round. As much as we absolutely love the diversity within our 12 metallic tattoo collections, we've got something new for you that's a bit different to everything you've seen so far... 

Our brand new Sofia collection provides a feminine, detailed and striking range of unique designs that you just have to get your hands on! From irresistable lace inspired anklets and arm cuffs to gorgeously intricate statement pieces, Sofia will have you covered in jewellery tats and ready for your next summer event.


We think that this ENTIRELY WHITE collection looks stunning with any skin tone so why not PRE-ORDER NOW and be one of the first to try it out?


Written by Becky Howard