Essie Summer Shades to Suit Your Metallic Tattoos! April 10, 2015 17:12 1 Comment


The sun is shining and we can’t help but feel excited for summer! No metallic hand tattoo would be complete without a beautiful manicure to finish it off and in celebration of this gorgeous weather, we’ve been getting creative with some shades that we think are going to be hot this year.

When it comes to nail varnish, Essie is one of our absolute favourite brands due to the quick drying, smooth and gloop-free nature of their formulas.  Now that winter is a distant memory and tanned skin is on the horizon, we ditched the rich reds and glittery golds in favour of some stunning shades that we’ve officially fallen in love with!

Sand Tropez – (£7.99) 


No nail varnish collection would be complete without a few neutral shades that are sure to suit any outfit choice (or Bohemian Tattoo). Essie’s Greige collection features many gorgeous neutrals but Sand Tropez has got to be our favourite. This sandy-taupe colour gives your nails a sophisticated and understated look that looks amazing contrasted with some bold black and gold designs from our Rihanna collection. 

Lilacism –  (£7.99)


It’s all about the pastel nails once again this summer and Lilacism is a front-runner at Bohemian Tattoo HQ! This is one of those shades that you think will never suit you until it’s applied and then you never want to take it off again. The gorgeous light-lilac tone seems to accentuate your tan and looks absolutely stunning paired with a statement piece from our Alexandra Aqua collection!

Mint Candy Apple – (£7.99)


The name of this nail varnish says it all -Mint Candy Apple is delicious (but purely in a visual sense!). I think we can all admit that at some point we have been mint mad, and this shade from Essie reminds us why. For summer manicure perfection look no further than this little blue bottle! Thank-you Essie for making these silver pieces from our popular Vandana collection look extra gorgeous.

What are your favourite Essie summer shades? We’d love to know!

Written by Becky Howard.