Our love for South Beach Swimwear March 23, 2015 17:00 1 Comment

With the clocks changing next weekend, we can tell you for sure that summer is just around the corner. Longer days and the sun finally warming our toes, afternoons in pub gardens and tall Pimms glasses are almost within our touch. And what better way to celebrate the glimpse of our favourite part of the year than a cheeky pre-summer collaboration with a few of our favourite brands.


South Beach, renowned for their trend-led designs, distinctive prints and vibrant personality, offered us a few of their quality swimsuits to try out and helped us to build a truly unique look along with our established tattoos. There beachwear and growing collection of loungewear, nightwear and fitness is continually expanding with no signs of slowing down.

With a few varieties to get our taste buds going, their animal prints merged with colourful camo, earthy shades and cornflower blue contrasted with our gold and silver tattoos and let the photographs do the talking. Playing with movement and the silhouettes created we worked in black and white and colour photography to bring you the glamour and vibrancy of these wonderful designs. With a complete 6 trends to follow this beachwear season, you can check out the full collection at their website and get creative with mix and match separates to build something personal along with our tattoos.


Each bikini we received had a different top shape, helping to work with each of our models bodies. The colours were vibrant and using body chains and leopard print chokers we played with the attitude each bikini gave us. We could have layered up a lot more with our tattoos but on this occasion we decided to play it down, let the bikinis do the talking and show you just a quick way on how you could wear your tattoos for the summer.