London Fashion Week 2015 March 04, 2015 13:02 1 Comment

Somerset House was at the forefront of fashion once again for London Fashion Week at the end of February! Showcasing their autumn/winter collections, more than 250 designers were on show with their newest colours and fabulous creations. The designers were located around all three wings of Somerset house, with the newest Rock Vault showroom demonstrating the finest of handmade jewellery. The catwalk tent was the height of activity with show after show of new and repeat talent from fashion elite.

As part of the Bohemian tattoo team, I spent at least two hours each day celebrity spotting and more often than not, outfit spotting in the courtyard itself. As people began to feel the fashion hype throughout the week, the outfits got more and more glamorous and unique. As one person posed for a photograph in front of their friends, no one wanted to miss the opportunity to miss their expressive outfit too and before you knew it, 25 people were surrounding you taking photos. This was a common occurrence and people took full advantage of the opportunity to be papped.


Lego head pieces, mirrored outfits and coloured fur jackets were among just a few of my personal favourites from the week that I got to spend at the BFC headquarters; a week in which I soaked up the atmosphere and fashion advice from everyone that I could.

Celebrity spotting was never missed before shows that I attended; especially when I spied Alexa Chung sat a row in front and across from me for the Ashley Williams show. A big muse in the world of fashion, Alexa’s presence was definitely not missed by the paparazzi. I thought about pretending to be one of the photographers but somehow I’m not sure that my iPhone would quite cut it as a really important photographers device. They were on to me! All I could manage was a sneaky shot as she left the show.

As for the designers that I met, I could not say a bad word about them - all so interesting and with such beautifully handmade pieces. I wanted everything I could get my hands on; mainly free popcorn and sweets sadly. A few of my favourite bits were the twenty20 showroom of sunglasses: every design you could think of, colours, prints, embellishments, the possibilities were endless. And Alexander White’s shoes were something of a dream: the classic court shapes, booties and sandals in metallic and purples were added with a pop of next seasons colour orange in the form of a tassel. Made in the same factory as Jimmy Choo but with a price range I could possibly afford, they will definitely be on my list of must haves for next season!

My favourite show from the week was probably Christopher Raeburn. He incorporated oversized jackets with orange accents and bubble print tracksuits and ankle booties. It was all wearable and designer at the same time. I can’t wait to see this trickle down into the high street clothing designs! I also had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous Leanne Lim Walker; a YouTube blogger and makeup fanatic. She had some beautiful pieces on such as a studded leather jacket by Hannah Beth Fincham. I know she was sad that she couldn’t keep it but maybe an extra day loan would be enough to satisfy the craving for such a beautiful jacket. London fashion week was an amazing fashion experience, so I wonder what’s up next!

Written by Grace Probyn