The Nail Experts March 23, 2016 17:07

We recently received a little package from Elegant Touch, filled with lots of goodies that we couldn't wait to try out in the office! As you all probably already know, Elegant Touch makes it easy for anyone to have the perfect manicure in minutes. With so many types of nail art to choose from, we tested out a few of our favourites and finished them off with some temporary tattoos, (of course!)

1. Foils Gold: This clear nail with an edgy gold tip immediately stood out to us. Pairing Foils Gold with our Alexandra Aqua collection made us long for a music festival where this mess-free, chip-proof creation would be ideal. 


2. Glitter Lining: This has to be one of our favourite looks! A pink, multi-tonal nail with a hint of shimmer making a statement beside some silver pieces from our Vandana Collection. How gorgeous would this look on a summer night out?


3. What a Stud: White Tattoos are the newest craze and seeing as summer is around the corner, why not go all out and match our stunning Sophia Collection with What a Stud by Elegant Touch? These white press-on nails can be glammed up by applying a few of the studded choices, available in a range of designs that will inspire you to get creative!


4. Majestic Marble: We're thinking ice cold cocktails, scorching sunshine and tanned skin everywhere! This vibrant and eye-catching design would be perfect for a pool party and because its waterproof, cooling off won't be an issue! Plenty more fun, geometric designs to be found in the Rihanna Collection. 


Written by Rebecca Howard

Lavish Alice SS16 - Our Fashion Wonderland! February 24, 2016 14:06

You may have seen that we were back at Pure earlier this month to showcase our latest collections. Whilst we were there, we couldn't resist having a look around at some other brands exhibiting at the show. Lavish Alice is a name that we have started to hear about a lot over the past year and after discovering their gorgeous garments at Pure, we can't wait to get our hands on what they have in store for spring/summer 2016. 
The white walls of the Lavish Alice stand intensified the colours of the items displayed within it and seemed to immediately draw any passers by inside. After a long winter of berries, blacks and greys, it was refreshing to see some brightness from the Lavish Alice summer collection. Pastels pinks, grassy greens and crisp whites made us excited for tanned skin, tropical trips away and plenty of occasions to wear our jewellery tattoos. We were especially excited to see some backless jumpsuits and two-pieces on show. If you're looking to update your wardrobe in preparation for summer 2016 then we strongly recommend that you check out the Lavish Alice website for some gorgeous style inspo - we certainly will be! 

Make Believe It's Not January! January 26, 2016 13:23

It's January - we're all pale and cold and desperate for some sunshine in our lives. Although a quick trip to paradise isn't on the cards for most of us, that doesn't mean we cant pretend we've been!... 


We discovered MakeBelieve at The Clothes Show Live 2015 when they were exhibiting beside us. MakeBelieve is an independent family-run company based in the UK that seems to have a genuine passion for perfecting their products and impressing their customers. The formula for these tanning products has been developed over the past few years in order to tackle some of the issues that many of us have struggled with when using other self-tan brands in the past. Whether you choose the self-tan mousse, the mist spray or the lotion; you'll get a gorgeous bronze tan without the patchiness. Our favourite thing about MakeBelieve is that their products don't have that typical fake tan odour that leaves you smelling like a digestive biscuit for a couple of days! 

We tested out the Mousse with Bronzer and Argan Oil and absolutely loved it. After leaving it to develop for about 4 hours and then rinsing it off, a beautiful summer glow was left behind. The addition of argan oil in the self-tan formula also meant that the skin was left feeling soft and moisturized. 

If you can't wait for summer 2016 then pick up some bottled sunshine from and discover the secret to a natural-looking tan in January that's far more affordable than a plane ticket! 

Written by Becky Howard

A Look Back At 2015's Top Tats! January 05, 2016 14:48

It's a new year and we can't wait for all of the festivals, holidays and other exciting events of 2016! Before we get too carried away, we wanted to look back at some of our favourite jewellery tattoo applications that our gorgeous customers came up with last year!

We love it when you tag us in your photos so that we can share your Bohemian Tattoo ideas with our thousands of other followers seeking inspiration. These are just a few customer creations that we were crushing over in 2015:

This simple chest piece from our Rihanna collection has been paired with an aztec arm band that stands out on the skin with its black, silver and gold colouring. Of course, the main feature of this photo is how absolutely stunning @sssnnmx looks with her gorgeously wild hair and bright red lip!

@sufiyeh has also fallen for our Rihanna collection due to its abundance of geometic designs. These two triangle pieces fit perfectly on the wrist and will add a subtle shimmer to any outfit.

@thinklikekandie has been one of our absolute favourite style crushes this year. We love how she incorporates our transfer tats into her outfits to enhance certain features. An example of this can be seen above where a piece from our Esmeralda collection has been paired with this low-cut dress.

Could we feel any more jealous of somebody's hand? @lailaloves has us all eager to tan, tattoo and drastically improve our ring collections! This Alannia transfer tat looks incredible amidst a variety of jewellery and is finished off perfectly with a white manicure - a stunning style idea during those long summer days. 

We adore how this spiritual symbol from our Chakra collection sits central to an open-back dress and shimmers in the sunlight. @indiaward's sun-kissed skin and beachy waves make us desperate for a sandy beach, a sunset and a cocktail or two! 

There are so many other Bohemian Tattoo images to discover, so if you aren't already, please follow us on Instagram (@bohemiantats) and remember to tag us in your tattoo pics of 2016! 

Written by Becky Howard


Catch Us At The Clothes Show 2015 November 26, 2015 18:16

They may be celebrating their 40th year, but we will be celebrating our first! We can't wait to meet you all at The Clothes Show 2015 where all of our jewellery tats will be available to buy.

With so many fashion and beauty pop ups under the same roof, The Clothes Show is the perfect place to get shopping for Christmas or to fall in love with the latest trends (such as our new white collection) and treat yourself to something gorgeous.

For those of you not in the loop, The Clothes Show Live is a fashion and beauty addict's paradise. Held annually at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre, this event is considered the premier fashion event in the UK. From the 4th-8th of December, you can expect to experience live music performances, catwalk shows, fashion and beauty seminars and so much more!

           Jemma Cairney, Rick Edwards, Ella Eyre, and various reality TV stars are already on the guest list and many more familiar faces are expected to attend. With this much to look forward to, make sure you remember your ticket for The Clothes Show 2015 and visit us to pick up some stunning accessories for party season!

Written by Becky Howard

Little Ondine Nail Lacquer November 16, 2015 16:52

When winter suddenly arrives and the icy weather forces us to cover almost every inch of skin, hand tattoos become our daily accessory of choice! No hand tattoo would look complete without the perfect manicure to match and that's why we've been testing out some Little Ondine nail varnishes in preparation for the frosty months ahead:
The first thing we fell in love with when we initially discovered Little Ondine was how individual their website is. Every colour comes with its own story, making each nail varnish feel unique and giving you an insight into the inspiration behind its creation. As well as a creative story, Little Ondine provides its online customers with a mood board and swatches for each colour. The swatches, in particular, are a huge plus point in our opinion as (we have discovered from nail varnishes in the past) the colour in the bottle isn't always what you thought it would be once applied to the nail itself.
Exploring the website quickly made us realise Little Ondine's passion for its product and this is reflected in the qualities of the varnish itself. Little Ondine nail Lacquers consist of all natural ingredients and (whilst also causing less damage) means that there is no chemical smell. Another great feature of this product is that when you are ready to remove your manicure, you can simply peel it off and start again! 
We tested out three different autumn/winter inspired colours and couldn't help getting a bit creative with some hand tattoo designs in the process: 
Smoky Mountain - 'Rounding the bend of the trail, the next sight takes her breath away. Fog rolls off the smoky mountain as the sun shines through the clouds and burns away the dew. She inhales deeply, thrilled to be alive.' : With this mid-grey colour, we embrace the gloomy British weather and have paired this sophisticated manicure with some golden tattoos which are always hugely popular during party season! 
Sweet Liquor - 'It was an amaretto-on-the-rocks kind of night. She spun the cap off the bottle and poured herself a glass of the fragrant almond liqueur. She cozied up with her drink and her latest magazine and enjoyed the sweet liquor, sip by sip.' : This Mocha colour has slightly more warmth to it than our previous choice and we think goes perfectly with a silver jewellery tattoo such as this one from our Vandana collection. 
Enchanting - 'She stepped into the bar with beaming confidence and strutted straight to the counter. As she walked, all eyes followed. Her enchanting presence could not be ignored.': For our final manicure, we were feeling festive and chose this metallic dark red nail lacquer. In the festive spirit, we couldn't resist adding some finishing touches with our newly released white collection. The contrast of shimmering crimson nails beside detailed white jewellery tats is a new favourite of ours that we can't wait to test out in the run up to Christmas!
With gorgeous summer brights and pastels, cool and festive winter tones and glamourous glitter nail lacquer's all available at, make sure to pay their website a visit ASAP! 
Written by Becky Howard

Contemporary Jewellery by Jordanne Cliffe November 04, 2015 13:42 1 Comment

At the Top Drawer trade show in September we were located next to a first timer that had some interesting pieces on display. The delicate, simplistic and striking items of jewellery that Jordanne Cliffe was exhibiting really drew us in and made us intrigued to find out more about the story behind her passion for jewellery design. It's always great to learn about new exhibitors and how they are finding their first trade show experience; after all, it was only at the beginning of this year that we were newbies ourselves! 

Jordanne is a Contemporary Jewellery Designer that graduated in 3D Material Practice from Brighton University in 2011. Now based in SW London, she makes and sells her work from Redlees studio in Isleworth. "I started to become interested in Jewellery design when I was studying my Art foundation course at Wimbledon" she explained in a chat with us after the show. "I wanted to use my creativity and learn a skilled based discipline". It was only after Jordanne graduated and gained a studio space at Redless Studios that starting her own business became an exciting possibility. 

Finding the inspiration to begin your first collection can often be difficult, but for Jordanne, that collection holds particular significance: "A close friend of mine at Brighton University, Becki Cobb, survived a stroke in February 2011 and was left paralysed on the left side of her body" she explained. "Initially, she couldn't move her left arm and leg. She was unable to walk, sit up in bed or even smile. I had no idea that strokes can happen to young people. This is when I became aware of the Different strokes charity, an organisation that gave Becki a lot of support. I wanted to give Becki something as a reminder of how far she'd come since her stroke and also to say what a superstar I think she is." The Superstar necklace Jordanne designed quickly developed from a personal gift to a way of raising awareness of strokes in young people. A percentage of the profits made from her Superstar range helps to the support the Different Strokes charity.

As Jordanne is still so new to the world of trade shows, we were interested in learning about her plans for the future and how she was hoping to expand her start-up business: "At the beginning of the year, I started to think about how I can get my business to grow. I decided that a trade fair was a good way to network and to get my work stocked in shops and galleries across the UK. I will continue to do different trade fairs in the future and next year I will be taking part in the British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate. This trade fair is designed exclusively for British makers and will be very different to the Top Drawer trade fair I recently took part in."

After admiring Jordanne's simplistic and elegant creations both online and at Top Drawer, we wanted to know more about her chosen style of jewellery design: "My work has evolved over time. It all stared with my superstar range and that simple and open form was something I continued to develop. My latest range ‘Touch of Gold’ introduces new elements - rose gold details and oxidised silver add a different dimension to each piece."

We hope to see Jordanne Cliffe at plenty more events in the future and urge you to check out her designs at: 

Written by Becky Howard


Still Wondering What to Wear This Halloween? October 28, 2015 10:40

Halloween is less than a week away and yet for many of us, the mystery of what to wear is still very much unsolved. If you're still in need of inspiration then keep reading for some quick and easy ideas on how to use our jewellery tats this weekend! ...


No evil snow queen or corpse bride would be complete without a few of our white jewellery tattoos. Choose from one of our single sheets such as Angelina (includes snowflakes, intricate statement pieces and longer bands) or have a larger selection with our all-white Sofia collection - perfect for sharing with friends! Don't forget to add some eye make-up and spooky contact lenses to complete your look.


If white is not quite right for you then how about some leopard print? Our Martha collection includes plenty of temporary tats that we think would finish off your Halloween look just beautifully.

With a huge variety of collections and single sheets to choose from, there's no excuse not to go all out this weekend. Visit our online store and find your perfect jewellery tat today!

Written by Becky Howard

Say Hi to Thigh High October 12, 2015 18:01

You've all seen them hit the high streets this autumn and have probably considered picking up a pair yourself, but what exactly would you style those thigh high boots with if you bought them? It can be tough to find the perfect outfit that will not only work with autumn/winter fashion for 2015 but ensure your thigh high boots are avoiding that Pretty Woman stereotype and remaining gorgeously classy.


We have created a few different looks using the same block-heel boots from Little Mistress to inspire your autumn/winter wardrobe! 

A shirt dress or jeans (pictured above) are both great options to pair with your new footwear. The loose fit of the shirt dress balances out the lower half of the outfit whilst a pair of skinny jeans is an easy and effective option for a more casual look.


We love how this H&M jumper dress with on-trend cowl neck (above left) is the perfect length for thigh high boots and also a great choice for the frosty autumn/winter months ahead of us. Why not wrap up even more by layering this look with a trench coat or parka with fur trim? A jacket or blazer (above right) is a good alternative to a coat if you're headed for a night out. This will keep the outfit dressy and sophisticated without being too exposing and looks stunning with a simple long sleeved bodycon dress.

And finally, our favourite look of all! We think these monochrome striped shorts from Lavish Alice are the perfect match for our Little Mistress thigh highs. As well as the jumper (H&M) providing warmth, the mustard colouring looks to be extremely popular this year and helps to draw the eye upwards, making the overall outfit appear more casual. If shorts and bare legs aren't for you then change things up a bit with an A-line skirt or some tights in colder weather.

Written by Becky Howard

Wrap Up in Helen Moore September 29, 2015 15:33


Whilst exhibiting at Top Drawer earlier this month, we discovered a brand that we think you'll be seeing a lot of this year! As the air becomes colder and the days become shorter, last years winter coats and heavy knits have begun to replace the playsuits and floaty dresses that have remained at the front of our wardrobes over the last few months. I'm sure I'm not alone in admitting that I have already started to scan the high streets and shopping websites in preparation for the colder seasons and there has been one thing in particular that seems to be a massive trend this year...


Faux fur already seems to be absolutely everywhere you look and I for one am ready for its embrace! Whether you're after a cute cropped shrug, an eye catching scarf or a coat to keep you warm on those winter walks, Helen Moore has a massive range of designs that are all absolutely gorgeous. 

This family owned and run company was started in 1982 and now exports to countries such as Japan, the US and Australia as well as stocking in multiple boutiques across the UK. Helen Moore stands for British quality and British manufacturing and operates their entire business in a small village situated between Dartmoor and Exmoor. Founders Helen and Stan are both art graduates and specialise in Fine Art and Fashion and Textiles. Their creativity is evident in many of the colourful items that they produce such as the vixen scarf and pom pom keyring pictured below.


Helen Moore is proud to admit that many of their design ideas come from both customers and staff. These ideas are then worked on and developed until they become a new product to add to the growing collection of garments and accessories that the company now offers!  As production gets under way, every component of the faux fur item is cut by hand so to achieve accuracy and perfection every time. A piece by Helen Moore can vary anywhere from £25 for a pair of wrist warmers to £175 for a gilet (pictured top right of this article). 

You can expect to see me wrapping up in some cosy Helen Moore designs this winter and if you are just as in love with their products as I am, head over to the website to start your Christmas wish list early!

Written by Becky Howard

Virgin Media Collaboration September 21, 2015 14:33


As you all must know by now, last month we headed up to Chelmsford to decorate the skin of V Festival goers with our stunning transfer tattoos! As the weather hit 29 degrees on the Saturday afternoon the crowds were shimmering with our metallic accessories. Amongst the many gorgeous applications there were a few designs that you will not have seen before; a gorgeous mix of red, blue and gold.

We teamed up with Virgin Media to bring you a unique tattoo sheet celebrating the company that had made the entire weekend possible. This exclusive product was a massive hit with the festival goers, especially in the Louder Lounge where invited guests queued up outside our beauty lounge to try out our jewellery tattoos and to get their hands on a free sample of our Virgin Media collection! 


We love collaborating with companies as excited about the transfer tattoo trend as we are and are always looking to bring you unique and beautiful designs so keep following us on social media (@bohemiantats) to learn all about our newest products as soon as they are released!

Written by Rebecca Howard

Win a pair of Miss You Already premiere tickets! September 10, 2015 17:13

Miss You Already, starring Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette is in cinemas September 25. To celebrate its release we’re offering you the chance to win a pair of premiere tickets to the official red carpet premiere of Miss You Already on September 17.
Milly (Toni Collette) and Jess (Drew Barrymore) have been best friends forever. They've shared everything since they were kids - secrets, clothes, laughs, substances, boyfriends... now they are trying to be grown-ups. Milly has a high-flying job and lives in a beautiful townhouse with husband Kit (Dominic Cooper) and their two kids. Jess is a town planner and she and her boyfriend Jago (Paddy Considine) live on a bohemian houseboat on a London canal. Their friendship is as rock solid as ever. That is until Jess struggles to have a much longed-for baby and Milly finds out she has breast cancer. How do you share that?

The prize on offer is a pair tickets for the official red carpet premiere of Miss You Already, held in London’s Leicester Square on 17 September 2015.
To enter simply:

 Tag a friend on our competition caption!

 Tag a friend on our competition caption!

 Re-tweet our competition caption and tag a friend!



To find out more visit:

© 2015 Entertainment One Ltd.
-       The prize is one pair of premiere tickets for the Miss You Already Premiere on 17 September in London’s Leicester Square.
-       A winner will be chosen at random on 14 September
-       Travel and accommodation are not included
-       If for any reason the premiere does not go ahead we Entertainment One cannot offer any alternative
-       The prize is non exchangeable and non refundable

Michelle Keegan Set to Hit Ibiza in Her Bohemian Tattoos! September 03, 2015 14:31



Guess what we spotted in Michelle Keegan's weekly blog post for Hello Magazine?! According to this gorgeous actress, Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos are a must-have item! Read a snippet taken from her article below and go to for other fashion and beauty discoveries Michelle has been loving this week:



"I’ve been sent these fab metallic body jewellery transfers to try out so I will definitely be using them over in Ibiza . You can get them from TopShop and Asos but these are sold in Harrods and there are some gorgeous patterns and styles to try out."



"Go to to see all the different options of designs. They last for up to 5 days too!"

Coming To A Festival Near You August 28, 2015 19:22

Last weekend in Chelmsford the sun was shining and along with a few thousand others, we were soaking up the rays in Hylands Park for V Festival. If you've been following the festival scene this summer then there's a chance you may have already seen us or even had one of our gorgeous designs applied. From Radio 1's Big Weekend to T in The Park and Farr Festival, we have slowly begun to become an essential part of festival fashion as more people visit our stand to tat up and shimmer amongst the crowds of music lovers.


With Sundown and On Black Heath just around the corner, keep an eye out for the Bohemian Tattoo team whilst you're there or order one of our collections online before you arrive. As well as a huge range of jewellery tattoo applications available at our festival stand, you can also choose to have neon face dots, face and body glitter and a range of stunning bindis! If you do pay our beauty lounge a visit tag us in any photos you upload (@bohemiantats) so that we can see and share your festival experience!


We love getting to know all of you wonderful festival goers so remember to keep up to date with us on social media and come and say hello if you know we're set to glam up an event that you're attending!


Written by Rebecca Howard

Rebecca Rhoades Clothing August 20, 2015 14:57

Rebecca Rhoades is an independent London based fashion designer who has a passion for creating beautiful and unique garments for women of all ages. Rebecca's designs have been featured in The Daily Mail and often appear at red carpet events due to her loyal following of fashionistas and celebrity clients (such as Lucy Meck and Billie Faiers).

Whether its because of the colourful choice of print, thigh high split or the sexy backless cut, a Rebecca Rhoades design will always stand out at whatever event you choose to wear it to. We love her choice of silky material for this summer's range of maxi dresses, playsuits and halter tops and are extremely excited about the autumn/winter range currently being released!

Many of Rebecca's garments can be worn in a multitude of ways making them versatile and easy to wear. With items typically ranging from £150-£200, this is occasion wear that will be sure to make you feel gorgeously glamorous so if you've got something special coming up, why not visit their website for a browse?!

Written by Rebecca Howard


Your Festival Favourites August 12, 2015 14:37

We are definitely in the midst of festival season and it seems that every weekend there is a different music event and a whole new batch of photographs plastered all over our social media feeds. Festivals give you the opportunity to make the most of your summer wardrobe and have some fun with colourful playsuits, flowing palazzo pants and tiny crop tops. No festival outfit is complete without some accessories to finish it off so remember your satchels and your sunnies but most importantly (OF COURSE), don't forget to pack your Bohemian Tattoos!

These boho babes have perfected their festival fashion by styling that essential pair of shorts with an oversized top and casual shoes. @riannanaomi on Instagram ( top left) opted for bright colours and bold Rihanna Tats whilst the lovely lady on the right is giving off an effortlessly cool vibe by going all black but throwing on some Alexandra jewellery tats and a pair of shades to glam things up a bit.


Big statement pieces are a popular choice for festivals and our Rihanna collection provides a gorgeous mixture of Egyptian designs and geometric patterns that would look absolutely stunning shimmering in a sea of people on a sunny day. There is no such thing as too many jewellery tats when it comes to summer styling so why not create your own unique accessory by linking a few pieces together?


Headbands and other face tats are the ideal festival accessory and you wont even have to worry about them washing off as all of our collections are waterproof. A sky blue headband from our Alexandra Aqua collection or a delicate design from the gypsy-chic inspired Esmeralda range is all you need to still look striking even when your rain mac is covering up everything below your neck!


Festivals give you the chance to go all out so don't be afraid to get creative by combining your metallic tats with a bold lip, an interesting hair style or a few bright pieces of jewellery - the more eye-catching the better. (Top left photo provided by Instagram's @seezeesizwe)

Have fun at the final few events of the summer season and remember to shine bright whilst you still have plenty of sunkissed skin on show... autumn is almost here!!


Written by Becky Howard


Our Favourite Face Mask For Clear Skin August 05, 2015 16:08

When it comes to skincare, a trip to Lush is all that is needed to revitalise your complexion and restore balance to any problem areas. On my last few visits to Lush there has been one product in particular that I just cant resist and has been highly recommended by both staff in-store and customers through online reviews:
Mask of Magnaminty is made up of natural ingredients that cleans, calms and clears skin; perfect for those of us suffering from breakouts this summer! Every ingredient packed into this little pot provides a different benefit, from the cooling and invigorating peppermint oil to the exfoliating ground aduki beans that help to lift away dead skin and unclog pores. One of my favourite ingredients included in Magnaminty is honey as this is a natural antiseptic that is perfect if you have any active blemishes and also has moisturizing qualities. The mistake that a lot of people make when recovering from a breakout is attempting to dry out the skin but once the wound has closed it is important to keep it moisturised in order to promote healing and prevent scarring and further breakouts caused by overproduction of oil.
Once applied, keep the refreshingly minty solution on for 5-10 minutes. For best results make sure to repeat this process once or twice a week to keep your complexion glowing and those pesky breakouts at bay! Judging by the almost-empty pot pictured above, I'll be heading to my local Lush store very soon and I would highly recommend you to do the same! 
Written by Becky Howard

Introducing the Sofia Collection July 28, 2015 14:30

At Bohemian Tattoo HQ we are always searching for new ideas and striking designs that will keep our customers looking gorgeous and feeling creative all year round. As much as we absolutely love the diversity within our 12 metallic tattoo collections, we've got something new for you that's a bit different to everything you've seen so far... 

Our brand new Sofia collection provides a feminine, detailed and striking range of unique designs that you just have to get your hands on! From irresistable lace inspired anklets and arm cuffs to gorgeously intricate statement pieces, Sofia will have you covered in jewellery tats and ready for your next summer event.


We think that this ENTIRELY WHITE collection looks stunning with any skin tone so why not PRE-ORDER NOW and be one of the first to try it out?


Written by Becky Howard

See you at Pure! July 20, 2015 17:28

As all of you fashion fanatics will know, Pure London is just around the corner and excitement for the event is building! This will be our second time exhibiting at Pure and if last time is anything to go by, we're in for a hectic few days.

For those who have never heard of Pure before, it's the UK’s most dynamic fashion & footwear gathering, where over 600 brands reveal their upcoming collections. As well as the labyrinth of fashion stands inside the London Olympia venue, there are also plenty of catwalk shows and seminars to keep you informed and entertained throughout the three days (2-4th August 2015).

In anticipation of spring/summer 2016, it has been revealed that the creators of Pure have chosen an 'electric beach' theme for this event and we are intrigued to discover more about what this will entail. In an interview on the Pure London website, Lauren Abbott (Creative Communications Producer at i2i Events Group) explains "We wanted to create a vivid picture in the mind that springs from the almost alien quality of deep sea life, something we’ll see reflected in future fashions". Anna Bladen (Brand Manager, i2i Events Group) describes a situation that we can all relate to in her explanation of the approaching event; “It’s about that amazing experience, where you’re totally blissed out on the beach with friends, listening to good music, drink in hand". Whether you have that 2015 beach break on the horizon or are currently suffering from post-holiday blues, this theme is sure to get you in the summer spirit even if the english weather isn't on our side! When we hear 'electric beach' we think of warm nights, bright kimonos and bikinis, loud music and glimmering jewellery tattoos, so, unsurprisingly, we were extremely excited to hear the news!

Whether you are planning on visiting for a few hours or for the whole three days, please stop by stand T135 in the accessories section to say hello to the Bohemian Tattoo team and to view our latest products and collections. We can't wait to meet you! 

Written by Rebecca Howard

Time to Tatt Up For Bikini Season! July 08, 2015 15:10

Pool parties, festivals, beach breaks in tropical countries that you've been waiting for all year ... summer is here and that means it's time to break out the swimwear!
Here at Bohemian Tattoo HQ, more skin means more space for jewellery tats and more opportunity to get creative with your styling. Whether you decide to glam up your bikini with a gorgeously dramatic statement piece from our Rihanna collection or to apply a bright blue Alexandra Aqua design running down your spine, Bohemian Tats are an essential beachwear accessory this summer.
[Our Zenia collection has never looked so striking. This body chain
accessory was created by linking several metallic tats together]
[Separate pieces from our Chakra collection looking almost as stunning as this
sun-worshiper's surroundings!]
The waterproof, heat-resistant nature of our metallic tats means that you won't have to worry about going for a dip in the pool or enjoying some sunshine whilst wearing them. This is the season that all us jewellery tattoo addicts have been waiting for so put on that gorgeous bikini you just bought, choose your favourite Bohemian collection and make your sun-kissed skin glimmer at the beach this summer! 
 [Instagram's @jess_cherrelle showing us how 
stunning golden tats from our Vandana collection can look
with a simple swimsuit and a pair of shades]
[@fitnessontoast creating some silver arm cuffs with our
Martha collection that complement her bright bikini perfectly]
Written by Becky Howard

Ibiza Hippy Market - A Shopaholic's Paradise! July 02, 2015 09:04

If you're planning a trip to Ibiza this summer, you may already be aware of all the gorgeous fashion outlets there are offering you the perfect summer wardrobe. Many well-known brands such as Oasis and Zara can be found in Ibiza town but what you may not know is that if you explore the island a little more, you might just discover a shopaholic's pop-up paradise offering items that are far more unique. 
Every Wednesday in Es Cana or Las Dalias and every Saturday in San Carlos, plots of dried-up land erupt into colour as the sun rises and painted wooden stalls and patchwork tents appear from nowhere.
The Hippy Markets in Ibiza are a must-see for every Bohemian Tattoo lover who appreciates unique and interesting fashion items that you wont find in every H&M across the globe. From embroidered bohemian dresses to sterling silver bracelets and handmade leather satchels, the variety of stunning pieces that you will be desperate to take home with you is overwhelming!
The moment that you step into the labyrinth of stalls and become entranced by the live music and tasty Mojitos usually on offer, prepare to spend far more than you initially intended. So pack up your Euros, spend a sunny afternoon in paradise and pray that you can afford the bus fare home once that colourful mirage has finished with you and disappeared into the ground again until next week! 
[A sterling silver ring and leather satchel I couldn't resist buying
whilst at the Hippy Market in Las Dalias]
Written by Becky Howard

Harrods Summer Selection June 28, 2015 19:48

You heard right! Even Harrods have been unable to resist the Bohemian Tattoo trend and are now stocking some of our gorgeous collections in their gifts section.

Discover this prestigious department stores' most-loved collections below and remember to keep an eye out for some metallic shimmer next time you're browsing their isles! 













Alexandra: (Shop Now)

A classy metallic transfer tattoo collection ideal for more formal events. Plenty of black and gold chains, ring designs and the ever-popular Alexandra necklace.

Alexandra Aqua: (Shop Now)


Similar to the Alexandra but enhanced by pops of aqua and royal blue colouring that makes it the perfect choice for festival goers! Lots of Aztec style designs to get creative with.

Vandana: (Shop Now)

Taking inspiration from Henna traditions, this collection is beautifully detailed. With mixed metallics and hints of black, the 4 sheets of transfers provide a huge number of mix and match options.

Esmeralda: (Shop Now)

A gypsy-chic collection perfect for accessorising any outfit. Esmeralda provides a variety of designs including a chandelier-style necklace, delicate feathers and a gorgeous golden eagle.


Written by Becky Howard

Guest Post by Teral Atilan June 16, 2015 20:51

For ages now I have been obsessed with these gorgeous temporary tattoos. I had spent most of my days on Instagram and Pinterest lusting over them until I was fortunate enough to get the chance to work with Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos.

With twelve different collections there's something for everyone. Whether you prefer the big statement pieces or something small and delicate Bohemian Jewellery Tattoos have you covered.


Whilst I was on holiday I mentioned to my girls that I had bought some of these tattoos along with me and we spent the day experimenting and playing around with the Zenia collection. I really enjoyed this collaboration as I got to be creative and play around with it. 

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Ginger Fizz Fashion June 11, 2015 23:02

When packing to go abroad this year, a few gorgeous garments for warmer nights out are a necessity! However, it seems that no matter how many outfits you have stashed away from previous summers, when that trip to Ibiza is only days away you suddenly realise how unappealing your entire wardrobe is looking. When all high-street stores and online shopping websites have been exhausted, when that suitcase is still worryingly bare and all hope of finding those perfect items seems to have vanished, we might just have the answer to your prayers! ... 
['In a Whirl' playsuit]
Ginger Fizz is a fashion brand that we stumbled across a few weeks ago and we haven't been able to stop obsessing over since! From pretty playsuits to elegant maxi dresses, you will fall in love with their range of garments and soon have several of them in your drawers at home.
['I'm a Believer' dress]
Ginger Fizz's summer collection is all about light, bright and beautiful colours and stunning features such as lace detailing. The 'Dreamer' maxi pictured below is a perfect example of how Ginger Fizz has once again created the perfect summer garment by pairing an interesting backless design (which will show off your Bohemian Tattoos gorgeously) with a vivid pink, green and purple floral print.
['The Dreamer' maxi dress]
Priced around £45, adding some Ginger Fizz to the contents of your suitcase this summer is an easy choice to make! Follow them on Instagram @gingerfizzfashion or visit their Facebook page where you can find a list of all their stockists such as Pushka Fashion Boutique.
Written by Becky Howard